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Dave, Stephen and Cheers,,, where you been?    Please note there are two
subjects here....

   1. a lot is described in our long letter; but, since that complaint,
   what is critical is that the City of Austin and County of Travis have
   joined forces to in their way engage those dwelling out here. for instance
   I learned via KUT Radio on Friday 11- ! PM, a city watershed specialist
   will host in a City of Austin meeting room an alleged "Let us answer all
   your questions on the Bond Issue money $134 million to be expended on
   Gilliland Creek," etc, etc. So far I do not have the exact meeting room.
   But this is the way it's always done=.... at the last minute and via happen
   stance releases... That's why IVNA called for a fuller engagement of
   citizens such that neither the City nor the County may condemn private
   properties and do with them what their glad happy brains want.

Wish I had a bunch of energy and a magic way to bring people together. But
1st things first:

   - it is possible to get the meeting room by calling the City Clerk and
   asking where the Watershed specialist Matt will be holding the meeting'
   - for neighbors out here to find our way to cover the meeting and do our
   best to leverage and redirect funds more fairly considering zero is ear
   marked for our 21 mile by 5.5 mile jurisdiction principally west of SH 130
   and East of Decker Lane between Hwy 290 E to Hays County
   - find five or so occupiers who might be like a sponge within the
   meeting and develop a strategy from that contact. There was a sparse turn
   out at the November 2010 election and TXI corporation [Big in Texas] has
   had a major affect on the way the outcome arrived at an approval of funds
   needed by those who will sit on high and condemn private owners' property
   so "The Gilliland Creek and Colorado River watershed get turned into a
   source of wealth for the land grabbers. Read it anyway you'd like the like
   of corporate might is to have a major influence on how land is used in
   Travis County. Less than one percent will do the deciding.
   - meanwhile, I have to find a way to shake a cough.

2.      Lastly, the second meeting of the City of Austin East - West County
- City traffic thoroughfares are to be addressed Friday 1-6-12 6:30-8:30 PM
in the Child Protection Center Bldg [I believe 8507 FM 969, 78724 near the
KIPPs Public School campus]. They say the focus is on FM 969. But having
watched the schemers for a decade, I say, this is where a slick
presentation will be followed by a set of billion dollar grant applications
being made and funded. the amount may be off but Sarah Eck who wants to be
Co Judge and Mayor Lee & his challenger Bridgit ... Senator Kirk laid the
ground work for such a scheme in a secret meeitng in Dallas he was flown to
24 months back... little by little the shit is tumbling to reover the 2006
plan that laid ground for the SH 130 & SH 45; but hopefully Mr. great head
of hair's toll road to Mexico and further South will be stalled. sorry the
last line is my Daddy stickin his head out his grave saying,,, we the
people developed public road... I and hte many want what we started to
remain as it's a cheaper way out of this mess. .. they must not be turned
into private turnpikes.

Ken Cell 828.9778


Tex Nonprofit Charter 400688401 Founded 5-31-77, Uphold Property Title
Covenant Restrictions  IRS 74-2935680 Surveyed June 19701 <#sdfootnote1sym>,

*http://www.imperialhoa.blogspot.com * *

*imperialvalleyna at gmail.com* c/o 9704 Monarch Lane Austin TX 78724 Tel

Nov 23, 20*11*

*Attn: Hon Judge Sam Biscoe, Chair, sam.biscoe at co.travis.tx.us *

*Hon Sarah Eckhardt, **sarah.eckhardt at co.travis.tx.us*

*Hon Ron Davis, **ron.davis at co.travis.tx.us**,*

*Hon Margaret Gomez, **commissioner.gomez at co.travis.tx.us*

*Hon Karen Huber, karen.huber at co.travis.tx.us*

*In Turn: Travis County Planning & GIS Program Tel 512-854-7655
Austin, Texas*

 *Re: Complaint – intentional land use rules changes & heist of property
in/near Colorado River Corridor*

 *Dear Judge Biscoe & Travis County Commissioners:*

 *IVNA demands Commissions Court reverse unethical collusion with
TXI/Miners, insider CEOs; a rigged Travis 2-Step PAC 11-8-11 funded election
**2 <#sdfootnote2sym>** designed to heist owners private property/alter
land use w/no due process; lining incumbent campaign slush funds with
out-of-County non-voter & greedy corporate influence; and wholly failed to
gain in-depth reviews of could be harms to IVNA & East Travis County
residents. Judge Biscoe called for/reached an approval – Prop I & II
multi-million dollar bonds & the $73.9 million Colorado River Corridor
Study and Plan;**3 <#sdfootnote3sym> **held secreted study planning
meetings attended by Del Valle ISD architect and a Canadian Developer but
no area residents, adding to the USDOJ IVNA request for intervention CTS
#361475**4 <#sdfootnote4sym>** on Chautauqua Foundation intrusion etc., as
complained of below. *

 *Loss of citizen control over land surface protections, discovery of
indigenous artifacts, potent 12-22 foot water wells, natural water holding
ponds/possos del agua, old grown over trails and unprotected vegetation and
habitats fall to developers, who now may destroy the wild life habitat,
underground water system 45 miles along the River. This amounts to a
massive heist that will follow over the next 40 years. At that point, every
area where sand and gravel is removed via box cuts or via open pit drag
lines or whatever means original underground water holding capabilities and
wild life habitats will never exist again as it was. Indigenous artifacts
and keepsakes will be part of buildings, side walks and pavements, lost
forever. **Per **In re Bazan id**. at 805 Texas Const Article XVI, section
2, the constitution must prevail".*

 *Voter suppression 11-8-11 and non-engagement thereof approved and moved
County studies past citizens, those 99% hurt by small particulate matter,
toxic environment damages, loss of species, or reviews of social, legal,
cultural & economic disparity. Said complained of illegally gained
intrusions push authority for developers and aggregate harvesters (TXI,
Capital Aggregate, & other Corporate miners) to again displace Travis
County & Austin's poorest Indigenous, Black, Hispanic and poor Caucasians,
aka a major number of the 99%. Is under investigation by USDOJ in IVNA
request for intervention CTS #361475. Existing infrastructures were paid
for by local dwellers not the county or city. A clouded Colorado River
Corridor study was done per a **no competition bid contract** issued to
Bosse and Pharris, which previously worked for TXI to plan their "Rio de
Vida" development using mines along or beside SH 130, FM 969 and FM 973.
This intrusion into County land use involves very nearly 50 percent of a
parcel by parcel basis of the County's acreage as found within the
Corridor. Once again this amounts to a further failure to engage the 99
percent denied access to decision making and a denial of citizens rights to
fend off unwanted intruders and corporate greed. No mention is made of the
1872 US Mining Act nor the 1936 Texas Constitutional Legislation enabling
the Colorado River Authority or associated standards. *

 *Non-engaged poor Black, Hispanic, Indigenous and Caucasians feel high
powered Corporations like TXI, Capital Aggregate and others have taken
actions designed to displace the many who see fit to protect habitats,
natural water holes, River banks and historical trails. The latter will
otherwise be permanently destroyed are Artifacts are scarfed up, then
placed in pavements, buildings and foundations, using TXI / Capital
Aggregates big box cut and refill and drag line rape-the-earth corporate
schemes. For instance, see the secret meeting of county's Panel held apart
from the citizens on September 5, 2011, See **Panel Discussion: Development
in the ETJ, especially along
**5 <#sdfootnote5sym>* *
*. Check out the *video recording

*http://austintx.swagit.com/player.php?refid=07292011-71*. *This abusive
discriminatory intrusion into East Travis County went forth without local
citizens engaged**6 <#sdfootnote6sym>**, is unconscionable and decisions
made in secret or without citizen approval or redress must be enjoined,
reversed and permanently halted.*

 *The Undersigned IVNA President and its Executive Committee ask Occupy
Austin, USDOJ & USHUD to join in serving this complaint demanding a full
ethical review of the injustices, harms and doubts involved and the
probable need to back off from intrusive land use authorization until the
citizenry – (99 %), the local governance and eligible voters [denied direct
knowledge of behind the scenes manipulations, acts of voter suppression and
elected official family member benefiting] have been given individual and
joint regulatory stamp of due diligence general approval on this matter and
if proper reprisals**7 <#sdfootnote7sym>**. *

 *Sincerely, *

 *Community Strengthening Task Force: Luis & Gwen Shaw, Ardel Williams, Don
Miguel Pastor, Delores Blaylark, Sandra Williams, Will Taylor, Doris
Williams, Jewel Medearis, Angie Bedford, Mrs. Stevens, Eric Bookman, Doris
Jackson, Mrs. Mildred Maxwell, Jesus Moreno, Luis Martinez, Samuel Tinnon,
Matt Rayson, Esperanza Briones, Mozell Stephen, **Rafael Briones,
Linda/David Richard, Barbara Tutt, Cynthia Kidd, Janice Flint, Ken Koym,
LMFT/Prez – deeply concerned **owners *

*Occupy Austin Signatories*:

 *Not to be disclosed considering millions of Occupiers' right to free
speech and free assembly and due process and equal protection rights that
are not to be wrongfully jeopardized or risked*

1 <#sdfootnote1anc> *As per Austin City Code 23.27 of 1954*

2 <#sdfootnote2anc> *And, having caused a high-paid County employee to
disclose “We began the Co Planning Dept with salaries paid by non-tax payer
funds coming from aggregate miners.,,,” [separate meeting] “Regardless of
who originated files we're moving this as fast as possible.” [separate
meeting] “My Office put word out any way we can; I use out of County
reporters too.” Election of 11-8-11 Prop 1 a heist/alleged traffic
reduction, improved mobility, safety improvements to roads & bridges, flood
control & sidewalks; Prop 2 a heist/alleged land conservation, protection
of water quality & supply, park improvements, parkland acquisition, &
protection of working farms & ranches,,, with Commissioner family members
benefiting therefrom?*

3 <#sdfootnote3anc> *See the study draft plan at **ht**
tp://www.bossepharis.com/CRCP.html* <http://www.bossepharis.com/CRCP.html>*/
Didn't **Bosse & Pharris insiders'** **study cost $1.3 million?*

4 <#sdfootnote4anc>* A clouded land heist “arranged as per a quasi License
Agreement with the County” per intruders barging into Subdivision with no
blanket notice to all Imperial Valley Sec II and Sec I land owners, &
collaborated with by Commissioners Court, all having knowledge local
citizens had worked out aid to develop Imperial Park with support therefor
from LCRA, PVA&MU Coop, local Churches, owners donating 17 lots to Bastrop
Baptist Betheran Church whose last property was **purchased per a pressured
sale** May 9, 2011 by Endogen LLC & developer E.E. Naumann. *

5 <#sdfootnote5anc>* “Last week, the Citizens Advisory Task Force hosted an
expert panel discussion on Development in the ETJ, especially along SH-130.
The extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) is the unincorporated land within
five miles of Austin’s boundary that is not within the city limits or ETJ
of another city. The panel was moderated by Task Force member Jack
Gullahorn, and included Joe Gieselman, former Director, Travis County
Transportation and Natural Resources Department, Pete McRae, Public Policy
and Governmental Planning Consultant, Pat Murphy, former City of Austin
Environmental Officer, Scott Rogers, Development Manager, Brookfield
Residential Properties, Inc., and Phil Williams, Facilities Director, Del
Valle ISD.”*

6 <#sdfootnote6anc> *Conspired with by* *ATX City Planning Commission on
regards the East Travis County Colorado River Corridor, on which I
testified Tuesday 10-11-11. I & a small Occ ATX committee delivered a
request for an ethics redress in care of the City Clerk; having lived
issues related to the rape of the River Corridor & East Travis County for
years, the writers feel strongly about the billion dollar demise.*

7 <#sdfootnote7anc>* GOV"I' CODE § 87.03l(a); **In re Bazan**, 251 S.W.3d
39, 43-44 (Tex. 2008),. °Bazan 251 S.W.3d at 42 (“when the acts in question
are themselves disqualifying …”; justifying commissioner removal(s) per
acts committed of official misconduct and neglect of duty under articles
2.03 and 3.04 of the code of criminal procedure 2 and acts of official
oppression in violation of penal code section 39.03/Tex. Penal Code Ann. §
39.03 (Vernon 2003).*
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