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Bishop Zareh bishop at designafternext.com
Mon Jan 2 05:59:20 CST 2012

Thanks for the feedback Nolan.  I sent it on to Chattrspace (their  
contact email was pretty hard to find).

Lets hope they take these things to heart.


On Dec 28, 2011, at 9:02 PM, Nolan Darilek wrote:

> If you guys do a groupchat with them, please keep me informed. I'd  
> love to talk to them about accessibility. Specifically:
> 1. I can't reach the "Log in" link by tabbing. Why not? It isn't at  
> all in the tabindex, which it would be were it a standard link  
> or    with the addition of a tabindex attribute.
> 2. Are they using HTML 5 <video/> for the portions of their site  
> where it would make sense to do so? I get that we don't have     
> widespread <device/> to do input from microphones/webcams, but the  
> video at least should be handleable via non-Flash. Note that I  
> can't log in to investigate this myself. Flash should be doable by  
> using something like haxe.org to create a Flash interface, then  
> export an API to JavaScript such that standard <button/>s can  
> trigger it.
> 3. Non-accessibility-related, are they using Facebook for login? If  
> so, why not an open technology such as OpenID, WebFinger for lookup  
> or Mozilla's newly-created BrowserID? My point is that, while  
> Facebook certainly owns a huge chunk of the distributed identity  
> space, I would hope that any group courting occupations is using  
> the various open methods out there so those of us who hate Facebook  
> like the plague can avoid them.
> 3.5. Accessibility-related: Facebook is a PITA, and while I do have  
> privacy concerns, using the full site is akin to lobotomizing  
> myself with a dull spork. Using it for login will present its own  
> accessibility hurdles.
> In short, I like the concept, but I hope we're talking about an  
> accessible, standards-based internet platform rather than another  
> built on Flash and non-federated tech. If you as a group are going  
> to chat with them, please bring me on-board to advocate.
> And please feel free to forward this message along to the original  
> contact. Given that I wanted to create my own standards-based,  
> accessible live streaming/chat platform, it'd be far better to help  
> someone attain that than to start it myself and give up sleep. :)
> On 12/28/2011 06:19 PM, Bishop Zareh wrote:
>> Interesting new social video platform making it's way around the  
>> occupy networks.
>> it's not mesh & scaffolds on facebook, so who knows what data they  
>> are collecting
>> behind the scenes.  (personally, i've stopped using facebook to  
>> sign into anything;
>> FB has such dire privacy regulations.)
>> the feature set seems pretty close to google hang-outs, but i  
>> think their pitch is that
>> they are more vendor agnostic than google.
>> I don't see Chatterspace getting very popular, but it might be  
>> another tool in the kit.
>> (Any want to try it out and give a second opinion?)
>> The strange and encouraging thing here is that new projects are  
>> coming out
>> faster than I can catalogue them.  If I did catalogue them all, I  
>> would not have time
>> to make any ;-)
>> Bz
>> PS. Solar Genny is running great & everyone loves it!  Finally  
>> some sunny days!
>>> > Occupy Austin,
>>> >
>>> > We at Chattrspace are passionate about every citizen's right to  
>>> freedom of speech. We've channeled this passion to create a  
>>> revolutionary new technology that empowers people to raise their  
>>> voices in a way that exceeds the limitations of Twitter, YouTube,  
>>> Facebook, and even TV.
>>> >
>>> > We're committed to democratizing our powerful new technology  
>>> with people who put ideas into action, like Occupy Austin, and we  
>>> would like to explore how Chattrspace can help you achieve your  
>>> goals. Our service is free, so this isn't a sales pitch. We just  
>>> want to enable the conversation and you're clearly at the center  
>>> of it.
>>> >
>>> > Our dedicated team can support a limited number of major  
>>> groups, and therefore would like to talk with you at your  
>>> earliest convenience about how Occupy Austin can leverage this  
>>> new technology. We are available this and next week to discuss  
>>> how Chattrspace can help carry your message to the broadest  
>>> possible audience.
>>> >
>>> > Warmest wishes,
>>> >
>>> > - Joe Shapiro
>>> >
>>> > Joe Shapiro
>>> > Chattrspace
>>> > 408 368 5353 cell
>>> > www.chattrspace.com
>>> >
>>> > About Chattrspace:
>>> > Chattrspace gives you the power of CNN with just a free webcam  
>>> plus our website. It's a free, web-based interactive broadcast  
>>> and publishing platform that enables up to 6 people to video chat  
>>> (via standard webcams found on laptops, desktops, iphones, etc.),  
>>> while over a million people watch and interact live. Participants  
>>> can easily record clips of the broadcast and blast them out to  
>>> their social networks (Facebook, Twitter & YouTube) creating  
>>> content avalanches across the Internet, greatly magnifying the  
>>> reach and longevity of the live event. Viewers can also be pulled  
>>> into the live video chat to ask questions and/or interact with  
>>> the other broadcasting participants for a truly interactive  
>>> experience. You can host the entire experience at  
>>> Chattrspace.comor it can be embedded as a widget into other  
>>> websites or Facebook fan pages. More info at: www.chattrspace.com  
>>> and www.youtube.com/chattrspace
>>> >
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