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Sounds awesome. I wonder if their are any rules or ordinances against using these low level flying objects in cities. 

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I've got one project idea in the works; I'm in touch with the guy who organized this:

I met the Public Laboratory people earlier this year, and will be
      on a 2012 SXSW panel with them.  The idea is to put a livestream
      up in the air above the occupation and/or marches.  The Public Lab
      people helped make that happen during the student protests in Santiago, Chile.  This mechanism helps you get accurate headcounts to rebut media downplay.  You get worldwide witnesses of the truth of provocations (imagine if we had had this at the front of the OWS Brooklyn Bridge march to identify the cops leading the protesters onto the bridge entrapment?).  I think we can generate sufficient momentum for this project, especially after connecting up with some of the hardware gurus at ATX Hackerspace.  What do you think?

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