[codergeeks] re: Dell GX100 computer auction

Gregory Foster gregf at navigo.com
Mon Mar 22 11:04:27 CST 2004

Some more details on the Optiplex GX100s.
o They are mid-towers with PCI riser cards, not the desktop models.  
o The last of the beige behemoths; off-white case.
o Most likely non-ECC SDRAM DIMM sockets.  They're pulling PC100 RAM out.
o Most likely 512MB RAM max (2x256MB).
o 2 USB 1.0 slots.
o Integrated audio.
o Integrated network.
o Heavily used and need an aircan bath.

I'm going to pick up a box for a Linux webserver and another for a network 
sniffer box.  They're probably not worth more than $100.  Let me know if 
anyone is looking for a utility box of some sort and I'll get my folks on 
it late Friday at the end of the auction.


<cite>Gregory Foster</cite>
> Apparently, the company I work for will be holding an internal auction for 
> their outdated Dell GX100 systems.  Specs are attached below.  Bidding 
> starts at $50, and there are enough systems (91) such that bidding 
> shouldn't get too furious.  There is a flexible limit of two systems per 
> employee, but I think it should be no trouble getting around that by 
> recruiting friends in the company to place bids for me.  If you are 
> interested in throwing down some cash for a system, send me your request 
> and your upper bidding limit.  I'll keep you posted subsequently 
> throughout next week, with the auction ending on Friday.
> g
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> > From: 	Michael Stack  
> > Sent:	Thursday, March 18, 2004 4:48 PM
> > To:	HAUS
> > Subject:	GX100 Computer Auction
> > 
> > Network Services is auctioning off GX100s we've collected from the floor
> > over the past few months.
> > 
> > Starting price is $50.00 with increments of $1.00 and no maximums. There
> > are 91 systems available for purchase but please limit your focus to two
> > systems. If you win three or more systems you will be asked to give up
> > systems to the next highest bidder until you are left with only two.
> > 
> > Standard system specifications
> > Dell GX100 Optiplex
> > Intel 500c processor
> > CDRom drive & Floppy drive
> > Windows 98 SE
> > Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business Edition.
> > Keyboard and ps/2 mouse
> > Power cable
> > 
> > Additional optional specifications
> > Hard drives range from 5.9gig to 19gig
> > Memory counts range from 128meg to 256meg
> > Sound capabilities
> > Dual Video, PCI card support for a second monitor

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